Expert Tips for Smart SMS Marketing

Text messages have an open rate of 98% as compared to emails that have an open rate of a mere 27%. That is the reason why SMS marketing is rated among the most successful forms of marketing campaigns. So, if you have decided on SMS marketing to broaden your horizons, here are a few tips to keep in mind –

  • Identify your customer

Before you start utilizing SMS marketing India to benefit your business, identify your customer. This will include not just analyzing their purchase history but also checking their location-based demographics. Other information that must be considered is their age since it will drastically affect their choices.

  • Use clear and concise messages

Your messages are your way of communicating directly to your customers. Make sure they are clear, concise and pass on the complete information. Avoid using abbreviations, all caps or emoticons. These look highly unprofessional and can completely change the meaning of the message at times.

  • Be perfect with your timing

The right message at the wrong time is a waste of time. Be very careful of the timings you choose. It should not be too early in the morning or too late at night or you end up being responsible for violating the privacy of your customer.

  • Involve your customer

The idea is not just to send a closed message to the customer but also to get them involved. An ideal way to do so is to use call-to-action buttons in your message. Some of the examples are ‘Text-to-win’, ‘Text-to-vote’ and ‘Buy now’.

  • Create a marketing strategy

Sending promotional bulk SMS is not a child’s play, it needs a well-designed marketing strategy and also skilled professionals to deliver results with that strategy. Ensure that you have an SMS marketing team that can run successful marketing campaigns and assures results.

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