Best Bulk SMS Price in India

Bulk SMS Packages for Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS


Sms Package Pricing Validity
5,000 Credits ₹ 1,250 1 Year
10,000 Credits ₹ 2,500 1 Year
25,000 Credits ₹ 5,000 1 Year
50,000 Credits ₹ 9,000 1 Year
1 Lakh Credits ₹ 16,000 1 Year
5 Lakh Credits ₹ 75,000 1 Year
10 Lakh Credits ₹ 1,30,000 1 Year
All SMS packages are inclusive of GST. No other hidden cost.

Benefits of Our Bulk SMS Packages

Best bulk SMS pricing

Our Bulk SMS packages – be it promotional SMSs or transactional SMSs – are designed to match your business requirements while laying no extra burden on your pockets. With our services and their features, businesses have experienced significant improvement in the conversion rates from SMS marketing campaigns.

Excellent ROI

SMS Marketing is the most efficient way of reaching out to your customers. Alongside this, you can utilize the fast OTP SMSs and transactional SMSs to improve the quality of your service. With a feature-rich Bulk SMS package and a powerful Bulk SMS API, you will get amazing business benefits.

bulk sms price

Different bulk SMS packages for different needs

We understand that a small business that needs to pitch to its hundred clients once in a month, won’t like to purchase bigger plans. Similarly, for an enterprise, a plan with 2000 credits will do no good. So, at SSDWeb Solutions, we are diversely-tailored plans for all types of needs. Just choose the one that looks perfect to you and avail the best services.

Which bulk SMS price in India suits you?

To find out the best Bulk SMS Packages for your requirement, first, check the number of users and the frequency for which you need to reach out to them. With this, you will be able to select the right Bulk SMS Price and Plan in India.

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