Bulk SMS API for Bizclient Software


Bizclient is an admission software by MKCL. MKCL is a leading organization in computer education.Bulk SMS API

MKCL has  5000+  ALC (Authorized learning center). MKCL has given the facility to send SMS to learners from Bizclient software.

SSDIndia is providing bulk sms services to 700+ ALCs. As per huge request we are providing Bulk SMS API for sending sms from Bizclient software.

URL: https://sms.ssdweb.in/sendhttp.php?user=username&password=password&mobiles=<<MobileNo>>&message=<<Message>>&sender=test

SSDIndia Bulk SMS Features:

  • Superfast bulk SMS gateway.
  • 7 backup routes to avoid downtime.
  • 9 AM to 9 PM sms delivery
  • SMS will not be delivered & no charge for it.
  • User-friendly bulk SMS portal
  • Instant reports

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