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Difference between Gmail and Google Workspace

What is Personal Gmail? 

Gmail is #1 email solution for personal and business email communication. Gmail is best for personal use and solo entrepreneurs only.

It’s completely in cloud, so you can access and send emails from anywhere: desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile and even from new wearable devices.

Gmail is free and you can sign up for personal email id in a few clicks. You will get email address like [email protected]. But this is for personal use only. You can access Gmail along with other Google apps like Docs, Drive, Forms, Sheets, Calendar and Meet all at free of cost. 

WAIT nothing is free in this world, Google uses your data for improving performance and serving ads for you! 

Disadvantages of Personal Gmail as business email solution

  • Business email id like [email protected] looks unprofessional compared to [email protected].  
  • When you’re allowing @gmail.com for your employee, then you’re actually risking business data loss, as an employee may carry all your business data with them if they want. You cannot get this data if he used his personal email and mobile phone for recovery. 
  • Employee can share, delete or download sensitive business data on his personal pc.
  • You cannot monitor and manage multiple personal Gmail accounts of your employees.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace was previously known as GSuite. Google Workspace is a productivity suite for your business. It consists of all business applications  like Gmail , Docs, Drive, Forms, Sheets and Meet etc. which covers all technology requirements of all types of business.

Google Workspace is built for business so its best for collaboration, work from anywhere along with best in class security for business data. Your new generation employees will love this and you’ll be relax as everything is in your control as a business owner. 

Advantages of Google Workspace business email solution

  • Professional branded email id with your domain like [email protected]
  • 30 GB to Unlimited Storage ( as per plan)
  • Google Drive for secure cloud storage, access anywhere and share business documents securely with your team and partners.
  • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides help work anywhere with collaboration with a team. Also it saves your money of Microsoft Office licence.
  • Google Workspace Admin will help you to monitor and manage your users, applications and business data of your company from anywhere!
  • It helps you to achieve work from anywhere and hybrid work environment without any VPN needs.
  • Business data if company property, so easily migrate emails, and business files to new employees easily.

Difference between Gmail and Google Workspace

Personal GmailGoogle Workspace
PriceFreePaid ( Starts 137/mo)
Storage15 GB30 GB to Unlimited*
Best for Personal or freelancerBusiness with more than 1 employee
EmailPersonal @ Gmail.comProfessional with Custom domain like [email protected]
BrandingNoYour Logo
Google AppsDrive, Docs, Sheets, Forms Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Vault, Cloud search, Currents
Google AdsYesNo
User ManagementNoYes
Team collaborationNoYes
Backup & RecoveryNo14 days 
Custom Security SetupNoYes
GDPR and HIPAA ComplianceNoYes


Personal Gmail is best for personal and freelancers working on their own.  Gmail for business by Google Workspace is best for growing business with more than 1 employee. Google Workspace will be a scalable solution as you grow. It will help you take control of your business and business data along with work from anywhere!

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