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Renews at regular price ₹2622/user/year

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Renews at regular price ₹10,489/user/year

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All Plans Includes Google Apps for Business

gmail business email

Professionalize Your Communication

Gmail Business Email: With SSDWeb, Google Workspace email solutions that provide you a custom business email id like [email protected].

Stand out with a professional touch, and enjoy the benefits of Gmail for your business in India. Benefit from free email aliases and automation features for a seamless communication experience.

Google Drive for business

Google Drive for Business: As a prominent Google Workspace reseller, SSDWeb ensures you have access to Google Drive for optimized business storage. Store, access, and share crucial files, all in one secure place. Stay connected, whether you’re in Pune or anywhere across the nation in India.

google Calendar | SSDWeb

Synchronize Your Team's Schedule

Google Calendar for Business: Organize your schedules effectively when you buy Google Workspace solutions from SSDWeb. Our Google Calendar for business is tailored for teams in Pune and across India. Schedule smarter with integrated online calendars and never miss an appointment.

Google Docs

Collaborate in Real-time

Google Docs for Teams: Buy Google Workspace and get access to Google Docs for dynamic team collaborations. Create, edit, and share documents right from your browser. Whether you’re in Pune or anywhere in India, enjoy real-time editing and unlimited revision history.

Google Sheets for Business

Data Management Made Simple

Google Sheets for Business: SSDWeb, a trusted Google Workspace reseller in India, introduces you to Google Sheets designed for businesses. Collaborate without the chaos of multiple file versions and benefit from insights powered by Google AI.

Google Slides

Engage with Impactful Presentations

Google Slides for Presentations: When you buy Google Workspace from SSDWeb, you unlock the potential of Google Slides. Craft beautiful presentations and collaborate in real-time. Enjoy seamless compatibility across devices and ensure your team always presents its best.

google Chat | SSDWeb

Google Chat for Business Messaging: Being a premier Google Workspace reseller in India, SSDWeb offers Google Chat solutions for businesses. Connect securely and elevate team collaboration with shared chats, files, and task management.

Google Meet for business video meetings

Reliable Video Conferencing Meetings

Google Meet for Business: Video conferencing redefined for Indian businesses. Buy Google Workspace and introduce your team to secure and intuitive video meetings via Google Meet, designed for businesses of every scale.

google forms | SSDWeb

Effortless Surveys and Feedback Collection

Google Forms for Business: Capture feedback and insights effortlessly. With SSDWeb’s Google Workspace offerings, get access to Google Forms tailored for businesses in Pune and throughout India. Share, analyze, and make data-driven decisions.

Google Keep

Organize Ideas, notes on the Go

Google Keep for Business: Your notes, reminders, and ideas are crucial. As part of our Google Workspace solutions for India, Google Keep ensures you never miss a thing. Collaborate, share, and stay on top of your tasks.

google Admin console | SSDWeb

Manage Google Workspace on Your Terms

Google Admin Console: Every business in Pune and beyond needs robust management tools. As a leading Google Workspace reseller, SSDWeb introduces you to the Google Admin Console. Tailor settings, manage users, and monitor activities with precision.

Why Trust SSDWeb with Google Workspace?

Are you ready to buy Google Workspace tailored for businesses in Pune and throughout India? Dive into a digital ecosystem designed for seamless collaboration and productivity. 

Why buy Google Workspace from SSDWeb, when I can directly buy it from Google?

SSDWeb, a leading Google Workspace reseller in India, offers you unparalleled services with priority support.

  • Flawless Migration: Seamless transition to Google Workspace with data integrity at its core.
  • Payment Flexibility: Diverse pricing plans with various convenient payment methods, including UPI, bank transfer, and online options.
  • TDS Facility: Your company can debit 2% TDS if needed for compliance.
  • Quick Setup: Google Workspace tailored to your needs with expert configuration.
  • Hands-On Training: Comprehensive training sessions for admins & users ensuring a smooth transition.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re looking to buy, setup and implement Google Workspace for your business, We got you covered.

What is Google Workspace ( G Suite)?

Recently Google re-branded G Suite as Google Workspace with more integrated approach. Google Work Space includes various Google apps for business like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Calendar, Chats etc.

Is Google Workspace free?

No, you do have to pay for Google Work Space, prices starts from 137 Rs./user/mo. Contact sales team for 14 days free trial.

Does Google Workspace include domain?

No, you need to buy domain name separately.

Can I have multiple email addresses?

Yes, you can create up-to 30 alias email ids without paying extra. You an add up-to 300 users for separate mailbox in business plan by paying as per plan.

How to create google workspace account?

You can buy google workspace or you can signup a free trial, so that our sales team will help you to setup and create google workspace account for you.

How to buy Google Workspace?

Contact SSDWeb Sales team over live chat or call +91 7028045697.

How do i access Google Work Space?

G Suite is complete set of business application  which form a Google Work Space. You can access Gmail, Drive etc. Your Workspace administrator can also customize these urls if you need from Google Admin Console.

How to use Google Work Space?

Google Work Space is completely browser based. You don’t need any specific os or desktop app to use it. You can also use this anywhere with built in Android and IOs Apps with your mobile device.

Why should I pay for G Suite when Google offers a similar suite for free

Google personal accounts with are personal property. You need to pay for G Suite to maintain ownership of business data and monitor and maintain all accounts centrally.