Google Calendar for Business

Google Calendar is a powerful & user friendly calendar application by Google Workspace. Calendar makes appointments and event booking easily. Tasks help to create a time bound todo list.

Google Calendar features:

  • Online calendar integrated with Gmail
  • Schedule meetings and events and get reminders
  • Shared calendar for your team
  • Know availability of team
  • Add rooms, location, or conferencing
  • One time and recurring events at ease
  • Invite guest for meeting over email
  • Keep up with your work by adding tasks in Calendar
Google Workspace Business Starter

Which Businesses Can Use Google Calendar ?

  • Any small business owner for time management
  • IT companies for their team.
  • Tax consultants shared compliance calendars.
  • Manufacturer company for their factory operations.
  • School & colleges for their teachers & students.

Calendar for Business Email Pricing

Calendar is included with various business application in Google Workspace suite. Google Calendar is available in following Google Workspace plans. SSD Web Solutions is Google Workspace reseller in India.

  1. Business Starter – ₹ 125 / user/month
  2. Business Standard – ₹ 672 / user/month
  3. Business Plus – ₹ 1260 / user/month