Google Docs For Business

Still using Microsoft Office Word for business documents?
Still sending multiple versions of the same documents over email to the team?
Switch to Google Docs and online word processing for writing, editing and sharing business documents at ease. Access and manage documents anywhere PC, tablet or smartphone.

Google Docs features:

  • Powerful and user friendly online word processing software
  • Secure business documents with Google Drive cloud storage

  • Share files in Drive, Docs
  • Add comments, replies, and tasks in Docs, Sheets, or Slides
  • Suggest edits in Docs
  • Print and download files
  • Publish files as web pages
  • Open your Google Calendar and events
  • Get add-ons
  • 99.9% uptime, keep your business running
  • Integrated with Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slides Collaborative content creation
Google Workspace Business Starter

Who can use Google Docs?

  • Any small business for drafing quotes, praposals, letters etc.
  • IT companies for their team for requirement document / quote to client.
  • Tax consultants for compliance reports.
  • Manufacturer company for letters, balance sheet, salary sleeps etc.
  • School & colleges for their admin staff, teachers & students.

Google Docs Pricing

Docs is included with various business application in Google Workspace suite. Google Docs is available in following Google Workspace plans. SSD Web Solutions is Google Workspace reseller in India.

  1. Business Starter – ₹ 125 / user/month
  2. Business Standard – ₹ 672 / user/month
  3. Business Plus – ₹ 1260 / user/month