How to Upload website Contents in cPanel

Login to cPanel control panel Go to File Manager Select ‘public_html’ folder Click on ‘Upload’ button at top side Select your data from your local system and click on the OPEN button to upload it. You can also upload your contents using any FTP client software like ‘FileZilla‘.

How to Create Mysql Database in cPanel

Find Database section, Click on ‘MySql’ databases 2. Type your database name and create your database 4. Type your database name there and click on Create Database name. You need to create MySQL database user for this database.

How to restore mysql database in cPanel

1. Login to Cpanel. 2. Find the ‘Files’ section, and click on the ‘Backup’ option. 3. There you can find restore option with database restore. 4. Choose the database backup file which you want to restore from your local system and upload your contents there so that restoration will complete.

How to Create Email Address in cPanel

1. Login to Cpanel 2. Find ‘Email’ section, click on Email Address option there 3. Add email Account 4. Enter the email address and password 5. Enter mailbox quota size 6. At last click on ‘Create Account’ You can access your email account using webmail here. You can also configure your email in Microsoft Outlook here.

How to Access Webmail in cPanel

You can access your professional email id’s which are followed with your domain name by the following step Enter the following URL <Your Domain name>/webmail  (Example: Enter your username in the Username text box. Enter your password in the Password text box. Click Log in. Access webmail from the cPanel You can access Webmail from the …

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